National Structures capabilities extend to every aspect of event and deployment needs. Review our capabilities and reach out to see how we can help you.

From industrial scale dishwashing trailers to mobile field power generators and kitchen rental equipment, our Mobile Kitchens + Event Support division has a variety of mobile assets ready to roll, virtually anywhere. Our team aids a diverse clientele with temporary mobile solutions supporting temporary basecamp operations, during renovation and construction projects supporting continuity of commercial-scale culinary operations, remote-site events, commercial and industrial worksites, and more.

Mobile Assets

Our vehicle fleet quickly delivers unique capabilities and comforts to field environments, and includes a full range of culinary, hospitality, sanitation and other assets to support mobilization for diverse missions, such as:

  • Mobile Kitchen Trailers & Containers
  • Mobile Dishwashing Trailers & Containers
  • Mobile Restroom & Shower Trailers
  • Mobile Laundry Trailers
  • ADA Combo Trailers
  • Power Generation & HVAC Equipment
  • Production & RV Trailers
  • Vacuum Trucks & Transport Vehicles
Tents & Temporary Structures

We know tents - it's in our name. Big tents, small tents, one-day tents, semi-permanent tents for rent. Whatever it is that you need in the tenting world, we've got a solution for you. Enjoy any outdoor occasion with our party tents rentals.

Structure Tents

  • Can be as long as needed
  • Firm structure for
    longer-term needs
  • Can be up to 50 meters wide

Structure tents are extremely popular for large-scale events (and at a large variety of other applications) because they feature large unobstructed interior spaces that maximize event or application utility, as well as wide width options and near-endless modular lengths. They are engineered structures featuring great modular scalability, and feature an assembled box beam (or I-beam) framework that supports the fabric roof. This delivers a more robust construction that makes structure tents suitable for longer-term applications and larger events.

Frame Tents

  • No center columns needed
  • Quick setup, easier installation
  • From 10' x 10' to 40' x 100'

Frame tents are a highly popular event solution due to their open unobstructed interiors, convenience and versatility for a variety of event uses, from weddings and private parties to trade shows and corporate gatherings.  They are especially appropriate where space is limited or confined, on multi-level surface venues and where distinct spaces are desired. Frame tents expand in 10’ width and length increments from a modest 10’ x 10’ to larger than 40’ x 100’, and feature either fabric or clear top canopies built atop an assembled framework of steel or aluminum pipes, which support the material and define its shape.

Engineered Tension Tents

  • Simplest Setup Process
  • Best option for limited Budgets
  • Aesthetic Design

Engineered tension tents for rent are a perfect option for events with a limited budget, but still have elegant lines. Our tensions tents are rated for 70-mph winds and come complete with base plates for side poles and center peaks.

Double Decker Tents

  • Twice the size for the same footprint
  • Ideal for music festivals & sporting events
  • Customizable length and accessories
Create a premium space for your sporting event or music festival! Double decker tent rental create an incredible space with an unforgettable view, ideal as the centerpiece of your spectator seating space.
Branding & Design

We’re also here to help your event attract and engage with custom event branding services. With our in-house capabilities, we are able to truly create custom prints that line up perfectly with your event objectives for completely customized interiors. Whether it's custom banners, decals, vehicle wraps, or even prints on metal, wood, glass or acrylic we'll take your idea and turn it into reality using The Print Lab and Fabrications departments.

Graphic design services and professional installation are available to help you quickly turn creative ideas into built environments. Large format prints, event signage, murals & wall graphics, props, décor and more, whatever your bespoke need may be under the tent, we’ve got you covered.

Graphic design services and professional installation are available to help you quickly turn creative ideas into built environments. Large format prints, event signage, murals & wall graphics, props, décor and more, whatever your bespoke need may be under the tent, we’ve got you covered.

Flooring & Staging
Whether you are showcasing legends of the game for exclusive meet and greets, featuring live music and entertainers, or creating a gallery of historic memorabilia, we can assemble stages appropriate for any application.

Climate control, lighting & power
Power your event, or a variety of other functional and decorative lighting options perfect for the occasion, and have a variety of HVAC solutions that can keep everyone comfortable.

Event Furniture & Accessories
For every occasion, under every tent, our partners at Illusions are equipped to supply the perfect furniture and table top essentials like linens, china, glassware, flatware, floral, decor and more!

Décor & Tablescape Rentals
If your event requires any kind of special decorations or any unique detail, we have the team for that. We have a team specialized in creating completely custom decor and designs for any kind of event, and can work with event planners to implement their vision. Big or small, we can get it done. Everything you need for your event - from chairs, furniture, decoration, tablescape and even custom-made furniture is available.

Event Seating
National Structures & Event Services also delivers a wide selection of quality options for event seating, regardless of the occasion or guest count. Our rental options include many functional and designer options to choose from, among others:

  • Event dining tables & chairs
  • Cocktail tables & bar stools
  • Bleachers, tip-up & tiered seating
  • Lounge furniture
  • Stacking and folding chairs

Our furniture selections in these categories vary from contemporary to classic, offering a wide range of design options for every event. With everything from plush leather couches to contemporary banquettes, LED lit ottomans to classic rattan patio options, you’re sure to find something that will fit your event design and style perfectly.

Our event seating options come in a variety of styles and colors, and we have all the most popular options available in large volume: Chiavari, X-back, Versailles, King Louis upholstered, Philia Wood, tabouret metal, clear ghost & mystique chairs, folding & stacking chairs, directors chairs, saddle stools, and much more.

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