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National Structures is a specialized temporary structure, tenting and flooring company with a long history serving agencies, commercial and industrial clients with turnkey basecamp services and worksite solutions. We deliver, assemble and maintain specialized structures, supporting a wide variety of temporary operations and extended duration assignments. We also offer a range of products and services so you can focus on the business at hand, including:

• Structures & Tenting
• Mobile Kitchens, Restrooms, Showers, Laundries
• Lighting & Power
• Flooring & Stages
• Tables & Chairs

At National Structures Events & Services, we have a full range of quality temporary structure products, ready for deployment and assembly virtually anywhere, which we can stage, support and staff. Our team has been framing events with temporary structures for more than three decades, and today we’re unique for ensuring partners and attendees are taken care of with comprehensive event services. From tabletop essentials and décor, to luxury mobile kitchens and restroom trailers, we are ready to customize and mobilize your next event!

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Our temporary structures and tents ensure guest comfort and provide the scaffolding that elevates event design and entertainment production. Tents not only help protect against inclement weather at large gala and sporting events, concerts and professional gatherings, but also help dramatically increase capacity, security and privacy at occasions of every size.

Event professionals rely on capable and dependable partners, and appreciate vendors who know how to bring all the details together under deadline, regardless of the challenges. Whether nationally televised or just locally attended, events gather important people and garner the spotlight. So flawless, on-time execution is paramount, followed closely by the need to make a great impression, each and every time.

National Structures & Event Services provides special event equipment for hundreds of event search year, for diverse occasions, and has earned the trust of clients across the country by providing outstanding special event solutions, customized service and invaluable expertise. We deliver temporary structures and event tenting nationally for a variety of clients and purposes ,primarily serving these diverse markets:

• Deployments
• Sports Hospitality
• Commercial
• Events
• Tenting Partners (Structure Depot)

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