Sporting Events & VIP Experiences

We deliver an immersive sporting event experience and create unique opportunities for fans to socialize with athletes and colleagues, and for brands or companies to interact with their key audiences.

Our large and customizable structure tents are often configured with both enclosed and open walled spaces, providing greater opportunities for improved event viewing, lounge seating, bars, entertainment, entranceways, and other venue amenities.

Tent & Decoration for Event

Temporary event structures not only help to provide a climate-controlled and immersive event experience while offering insurance against inclement weather at large sporting events, concerts, and enthusiast gatherings, but also help dramatically increase capacity, security, and privacy for other functions.

Tent & Decoration for Event

National Structures often works with its partner company RK Sports Hospitality to produce VIP experiences for attendees and athletes, creating a comfortable environment for any kind of sports event.

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