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Solutions for Operations & Industry

Solutions for Operations & Industry

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We offer cost-effective solutions when compared to traditional structures.

Commercial kitchen remodeling is a particular challenge when you have populations that must be fed on site.

Demand for skilled labor for construction projects drives employers to seek conveniences and comforts that can help attract, engage and retain team members on the project worksite, while facilitating their goals for greater engagement and productivity.

High-volume commercial kitchen operators like catering companies, corporations, restaurants, and many others have the same experience with bridging remodeling and equipment maintenance projects without cash flow disruption, but sometimes also have to deal with health and sanitation challenges. Temporary structures for field kitchens and / or mobile assets and equipment are needed frequently to help address these challenges.

Military personnel and agencies utilize temporary structures as logistical support for varied deployments, emergencies and in support of training missions and exercises.

National Structures Events & Services also deploys structures to support operations of all types, including:

  • Disaster Base Camp Services
  • Deployment Logistical Resources
  • Construction & Remodeling
  • Operational Continuity Support Tenting
  • Field Kitchen Tents
  • Film & Television Production Support
  • Industrial Applications
  • Commercial Food Service Continuity
  • Construction Basecamps & Cafeterias
  • Medical Remodeling
  • Deployment Logistical Resources
  • Temporary Manufacturing
  • O&G Operational Support
  • Project Engineering & Construction
  • Warehousing
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