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Basecamp Support

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We’re also an established turnkey solutions provider with expertise, assets, and personnel ready to quickly mobilize customized mass-volume culinary and hospitality services across North America when emergencies require. We specialize in delivering comprehensive basecamp solutions for natural disaster response and recovery, and operate temporary structures for field cafeterias, sleeping tents, operational support, warehousing, and other camp requirements.

Our division, RK Emergency Management Support, is known for enabling response and recovery mission focus for those in service and those in need, while:

  • Delivering shelter, hygiene & sustenance solutions
  • Offering industrial mobile kitchens, dishwashers &field catering support
  • Assembling temporary structures from flooring to furniture
  • Mobilizing specialized equipment, dedicated management & logistics support
  • Supporting expedited & extended deployments
  • Deploying mobile kitchens & dishwashers; restroom,shower & laundry trailers
  • Providing Power, Lighting & HVAC solutions & other camp support services

Our team delivers a unique ability to quickly deploy and operate quality shelter, feeding and basecamp support services across the contiguous U.S. and North America. As a specialized tenting and flooring company, we deliver, assemble and maintain specialized structures, tenting and flooring in large volume, and other mission-targeted assets that aid operations and operational focus.  These include temporary structures and tenting utilized for a variety of applications, including:

  • Training & Readiness Support  
  • FOBs, TOC, MWR & AAR structures
  • Temporary warehouse & maintenance facilities
  • Shower facilities & Security checkpoint shelters
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National Structures, 1554 Cantrell Drive, San Antonio, TX 78221

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